Confirmation Class is for students in 7th grade and above that have not yet been confirmed.

Information about our 2023 Confirmation Class will be released soon. Contact the church office with any questions.


Full name of confirmand: _________________________________________________

Name you like to be called: ____________________

Birthdate: _____/_____/_______

Student phone #: _____________________

Student email: ______________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

School: _________________________________________ Grade: ________________

Student pledge:

I pledge, with God’s help, the support of my family, mentors and confirmation leaders, to fully enter into the confirmation journey. I will attend regularly and participate fully in class sessions, in worship, and in all other confirmation related activities. I will be open and honest about my own questions and will endeavor to understand what it means to be a Christian. I will also respect, support and help the others in their own questions. This is the covenant I make this day, so help me God.

Signature of confirmand: _________________________________ Date: ___________

Parents pledge:

● Make sure confirmands attend worship and confirmation classes as well as additional church activities, 

such as Sunday School and Youth.

● Make sure confirmand attends Confirmation Lock-In and Walk for Water. 

● Make sure confirmand participates in at least two mission opportunities. 

● Pray for our confirmation class, including all confirmands, mentors, and leaders.

With God’s help, I pledge to assist my child on their confirmation journey. I will encourage and support my child’s participation in confirmation. I will be a role model of what it means to be Christian. This is the covenant I make this day, so help me God.

Signature of parent(s): __________________________________________________

Parent(s) phone #: _________________________ / __________________________

Parent(s) emails: _________________________ / __________________________

Has your child been baptized? ________

If so, when & where: __________________________________________________