UWF  2022

       UWF News & Notes


Welcome! Thank you for checking out our news. We, the Leadership Team, met in January and planned activities throughout the year. We are excited about 2022!  Of course, because of CO-VID, many of the state level meetings will be held virtually, but can provide you spiritual health, fun activities, Bible studies and much more!! So, grab a friend and come join us! Make sure you read to the end of this note!

United Women in Faith

formally United Methodist Women

Welcome! The United Methodist Women made a special announcement on Thursday, March 2, 2022! After 50 years as the United Methodist Women, our organization in now United Women in Faith! We’re the same Unit, same goals, and Purpose, but with a new outlook and Mission Statement! UWF wants to be more inclusive in every facet of our organization!

Nominations... Your name here? Our Unit needs a person or two to join our Leadership Team. We meet six times a year to make plans for our meetings, discuss distribution of funds and other items of business.

Attentions all readers, young and not-so-young!  

The UMW reading program is open to everyone!  We have added new books to our lending library for all ages and invite you to participate.  There is a sign out sheet in our lending library along with information about the program.  You can also contact members of UMW for more information or follow this link:    https://www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/readingprogramYou can get books from other sources such as the public library as well.    A small group meets every other month to discuss what we are reading for anyone who might be interested in our book club.   Those who read one book from each category and return the form before the end of August will get a certificate and be entered in a drawing.  

Happy Reading!   

Book Club- Southeastern Jurisdiction via zoom

The SEJ leadership team is sponsoring a Book Study via zoom. The book is So You Want to Talk About Race. Register by June 20th and the Zoom meetings will take place starting Thursday June 23rd. Register online.

Pledge: Each member is asked to prayerfully consider giving to our Unit to assist with our designated mission outreach efforts. Each woman decides how much to give and only the Treasurer is aware of the amount. Please consider giving this year!

Wallace Family Life Center: WFLC is a recipient of UWF funds, its only source of funding. When you make a pledge to our Unit, $5 of your pledge goes to this worthy cause. Please donate to this wonderful outreach center! Thank you!

Upcoming Events:


Mission u: will be held July 21-23 at Spartanburg United Methodist College. This year programs will be provided for children, youth, and adults. Our local Unit of the United Women in Faith will provide a scholarship to an adult and her daughter to attend. Meals and room are included in the registration fee. If you would like to attend, please contact Elaine Misskelley at 843-607-0450.

Mother/Daughter/Friend Luncheon: Sunday, August 7th

Soup to GoSept 18th Get that recipe ready! We need YOU to donate a pot of soup!

Desserts for BBQOct 8th

50th SC conference UWF Annual Meeting- Oct 21-22, 2022, Myrtle Beach

Theme will be Embracing Change, Sharing Grace. Look for more information in the coming months or let Elaine know if you are interested in attending.  

December 6th Annual Christmas Party at 6 pm

For more information about any of these items, feel free to contact our President, Elaine Misskelley, at 843-607-0450.