Prayer Garden

This wonderful space on our church grounds between the sanctuary and the fellowship hall has undergone a transformation. It has been renovated and restored by the “Garden Angels,” and it has also become a home for the church’s 8:30 a.m. worship service. 

On Sundays, worshipers gather to sit on the garden benches, their lawn chairs and in their golf carts. Annual and perennial flowers and shrubs fill planters and a bed around our new church sign. It is a unique place of the Lord’s beauty and solace.

The “Garden Angels” is a group of volunteers that the Spirit has moved to enjoy updating the garden and accomplishing its ongoing maintenance. Maintenance activities like watering and weeding are scheduled and anyone who wishes to join to help out with activities such as these is welcome to help. We welcome ideas for seasonal flower selections in an effort to find the most successful plants for our space.  

The church and its greater community are fortunate to have this beautiful green space. Prayers of gratitude are lifted for all, past and present, who have had a part in the restoration and maintenance. If you admire and enjoy the Prayer Garden, and it is on your heart to get involved, contact Jan Wurtzel,